29 Februar 2008

International Energy Develops Continuous Bio-Oil Extraction Process from Microalgae

Breakthrough discovery follows on the heels of novel custom-made nutrient delivery protocols for the efficient and enhanced growth of hydrocarbon accumulating microalgae

International Energy, Inc., developer of leading-edge technologies for the renewable generation of photosynthetic biofuels, announces development of a continuous cyclic growth and hydrocarbon extraction process that can be applied to mass cultures of microalgae for the separation of bio-oils from the algal biomass. This proprietary IENI technology yields high purity microalgal bio-oils, which can serve as feedstock for the production of useful biofuels.

The Company’s breakthrough proprietary technology allows the microalgae to be processed for bio-oil separation and harvesting, while preserving the viability and vitality of the cells that produce them. Microalgae, stripped of their bio-oils, are then returned to the growth medium for further growth and hydrocarbon accumulation. This novel approach minimizes biomass generation time while enhancing yields of hydrocarbon production.

While microalgae have long been considered a promising source for the production of next-generation biofuels which can be processed and refined into a variety of transportation fuels using currently available technology, a number of challenges must be addressed, including:

  • identifying the best suitable algal strains,
  • developing nutrient protocols for the efficient growth of the microalgae, and
  • creating cost-efficient algal harvesting and oil extraction methodologies.

International Energy is working to eliminate these and other technological hurdles in order to reach its goal of producing oils from microalgae on a commercially viable scale.

Over a period of three years, scientists now working under the auspices of International Energy have successfully identified proprietary microalgae that photosynthesize carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O), and naturally accumulate up to 30% of their dry biomass in the form of liquid hydrocarbons. The latter can be easily converted into a variety of biofuels. Just recently, International Energy’s collaborating scientists also developed novel nutrient delivery protocols for enhanced and efficient growth of hydrocarbon accumulating microalgae, an important technical milestone that allows the Company to overcome the second of the three major obstacles referenced above.

With today’s announcement of a breakthrough technology which allows the microalgae to be processed for bio-oil separation and harvesting while preserving the viability and vitality of the cells, International Energy has effectively resolved yet another technological challenge for the production of bio-oils from microalgae.

For additional information, please visit: www.internationalenergyinc.com

(Cf. news of 2007-11-09.)

Source: International Energy, Inc., 2008-02-29.

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