25 Januar 2013

Insects’ gut microbes hint at biofuel breakthrough

Grasshoppers may carry attractive enzymes for biofuels, study finds

Deep inside insects’ guts may lie the key to one of the biofuel industry’s great challenges: how to cost-effectively turn tough plant waste into profit-making fuel.

About 50 million tonnes of lignin are produced every year worldwide, mostly as waste after the sugar, or cellulose, in a plant has been converted into ethanol.

…Full text: www.scidev.net/en/climate-change-and-energy/biofuels/news/insects-gut-microbes-hint-at-biofuel-breakthrough-.html

Tags: herbivorous insects, plant materials, termites, cutworm caterpillars, harbour enzymes, lignin, biodiversity, cost-effective way

Source: SciDev.Net, 2013-01-25.


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