18 Juli 2003

Information system for natural fibre-reinforced plastics is now online!

(Download of the original file here.)

The market for natural fibre-reinforced plastics is rapidly growing. In the past the search for reliable material data, information and example applications for this material group was quite difficult, especially for first-time users. Presently a preview of how fast and accurate this search will be in future can be seen at www.n-fibrebase.net. The first modules of the database dedicated to natural fibres and natural fibre-reinforced plastics are accessible online now. The database, which is still under development, was conceived by a team of four partners with funding aid of the “German Agency of Renewable Resources”[www.fnr.de] (FNR). All important key-values for dimensioning natural fibre-reinforced parts as well as information regarding suppliers, prices and political context will be readily available in the database.

The module “reference parts” features examples of existing applications where natural fibre-reinforced plastics are the material of choice. The examples include pictures and information regarding the material. The market module contains information concerning producers and suppliers of natural fibres and semi-finished products. Adding to that, the exclusive N-Fibre-PriceBase Index delivers a continually updated overview of the price development for industrially relevant hemp and flax fibres.

The project homepage can be found at www.n-fibrebase.net.

(Vgl. Meldungen vom 2003-02-17, 2002-07-12 und 2003-02-05.)

Source: Press release IKV, 2003-07-18.

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