28 Februar 2011

Industrial biotechnology and bioenergy report

February 2011

BBSRC has identified industrial biotechnology and bioenergy as one of its three high-level strategic priorities in its Strategic plan (2010-15): The Age Of Bioscience. In 2010 BBSRC, working with a panel of experts from academia and industry, undertook a review of its portfolio of grants, training awards and knowledge exchange activities under the heading of industrial biotechnology and bioenergy, to identify gaps and opportunities in this area.

A report was produced containing 11 recommendations covering BBSRC policies and strategies for supporting research in industrial biotechnology and bioenergy, as well as recommendations on what science BBSRC should focus on in the future. BBSRC Council accepted the report and asked for the recommendations to be implemented.

The report represents an important starting point for BBSRC, working in collaboration with other sponsors across government and industry to boost the opportunities and outcomes for the UK in industrial biotechnology and bioenergy.

More Information

Colin Miles, Head of Strategy Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy
email: colin.miles@bbsrc.ac.uk
tel: 01793 413359

Source: BBSRC, press release, 2011-02-28.


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