8 Oktober 2016

IHD Explores 3D Printing with Organic Materials for the Wood and Furniture Industry

Research project for developing a printing technology for the furniture area started already in early September 2016

3D printing in the context of wood-based materials represents an innovation in generative manufacture. The advantages of custom-made individualisation, efficient manufacture of small batches, resource efficiency and economic manufacture of complex bionic structures are of high interest especially to the fields of furniture, interior design and structural elements.

The IHD is now opening up this area concentrating on three fields in its on-going research work:

  • design and product development for the fields of application of furniture and interior design and also plastics composites and wood-plastics-composites,
  • development of new printing materials based on regenerative resources,
  • development of new technologies for printing structural parts of dimensions that are usual in the branch of industry.

For developing a printing technology – a research project co-funded by the BMBF started already in early September 2016 for the furniture area. Thereby, the IHD can fall back on its long-standing know-how in the field of furniture design.

IHD is now focussing on printing applying the Fused-Filament-Fabrication Method. In this manufacturing approach, a workpiece is built up layer by layer of meltable materials. For that purpose, the IHD has at its disposal a suitable printing facility.

Please do not hesitate to contact the IHD when it is about cooperation and research projects. Contact partners for 3D printing at the IHD: Ms Julia Kaufhold (julia.kaufhold@ihd-dresden.de) and Mr Tony Gauser (tony.gauser@ihd-dresden.de).

Source: Institut für Holztechnologie Dresden, press release, 2016-10-05.


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