22 März 2017

How to keep track of the bio-based industry?

Growing need for information on new developments and players

Growing need for information on new developments and players, record access to Bio-based News – world’s biggest news channel for bio-based chemicals and materials – and the International Directory for Bio-based Businesses (iBIB)

Deutsche Version: https://news.bio-based.eu/wie-sie-in-sachen-bio-basierter-industrie-auf-dem-laufenden-bleiben

The bio-based industry is on the rise. More and more established companies and big players of the chemical industry diversify their product range and offer bio-based solutions. At the same time, start-ups enter the market with new ideas and big ambitions. Bio-based materials and products are slowly becoming a part of our everyday life – from plastic bags at the supermarket to toys in our homes, from equipment for our diving holiday to biocomposites in our cars.
This development, as welcome as it is, creates a question for all players of the bio-based market: How to keep track of the industry? How to find my industrial partner along the bio-based value chain?

nova-Institute started offering services for networking and information around the bio-based economy early on and has noted a significant increase of information needs over the last few years. Its platform Bio-based News (www.bio-based.eu/news) which follows the latest developments in the bio-based economy, industrial biotechnology and CO2 utilization experiences an upward trend. That makes it the worldwide leading portal for bio-based chemicals and materials.

17-03-22-bio-based.news-readers-worldwideWith close to 20,000 reports and news, 100,000 visitors monthly, more than 1,000 Twitter followers and a rapidly increasing number of subscribers to the daily newsletter and RSS feed, Bio-based News is an outstanding news outlet of the industry. The visitors, mainly from Europe, North-America and China (see figure), reflect the active bio-based economy worldwide in all material and product sectors in emerging bio-based markets. Full text search on content and companies gives you easy access to the information. Send us your press release for publication!

A similar trend can be observed at nova’s International Directory for Bio-based Businesses (iBIB) (www.bio-based.eu/iBIB). After the update in 2016 and the newly added option to register two-page company profiles free of charge, the access rates have skyrocketed. In January 2017 alone, approximately 4,000 profiles were downloaded, continuing the trend from 2016 with nearly 46,000 downloads overall. And a rising number of companies upload their profiles to increase visibility.
Be part of the iBIB, register your company today – for free! www.bio-based.eu/iBIB/booknow

Download this press release as PDF file:17-03-22 PR rising need for bio-based news

Source: nova-Institut GmbH, press release, 2017-03-22.


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