23 Juli 2009

How to buy sustainable biofuels

Guide for public sector procurement

Procurement_Guide.jpgConsidering the significant size of public sector purchases of vehicles, public sector demand is an important driver for increasing the number of cleaner vehicles on the market, thus making a positive contribution towards more sustainable communities.

The new “Guide to Sustainable Biofuels Procurement for Transport” published by the Biofuel Cities European Partnership takes into consideration the current discussion on sustainable biofuels and provides recommendations for overcoming other challenges related to implementing biofuelled transport. The recommendations provided for sustainable procurement have been inspired by the experiences from the pioneer cities in this field, such as Stockholm, Rotterdam, Lille and Graz.

Further information
Guide to Sustainable Biofuels Procurement for Transport (PDF-document)
PO Box 8242
3503 RE Utrecht
The Netherlands
E-Mail: secretariat@biofuel-cities.eu
Fax: 0049-761-368 92 99

Source: Biofuel Cities European Partnership, 2009-07-16.

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