7 Mai 2015

Holland Bioplastics aims to put bioplastics on the map in the Netherlands

A new Dutch initiative has been launched that proposes to give bioplastics a stronger voice in the plastics industry

Holland Bioplastics, whose stated mission is to share and disseminate knowledge and information about bioplastics, as well as to facilitate networking and collaboration between parties interested and active in the bioplastics field.

Today, bioplastics are no longer relegated to the green fringe. Developments over the past years have propelled the awareness that these materials can not only form alternatives to traditional oil-based plastics, they offer inherent advantages that conventional materials do not. Bioplastics are usually made from renewable resources, and can contribute towards reducing climate change, while reducing our dependence on fossil fuels.

In addition, bioplastics open up new possibilities for processing waste streams. Innovation and investments are taking place in new materials, knowledge and technologies in order to make the transition from an oil-based, linear economy to a more biobased, circular economy. This provides an important contribution to our economy and serves to create new jobs.

Bioplastics are already widely accepted worldwide, and are being used by leading brands such as Ford, Nike, Puma, Toyota, Mercedes and The Coca Cola Company. In the Netherlands, bioplastics are already being used by Albert Heijn, The Greenery, M+N, KLM, Rabobank, Desch, Heineken and Grolsch. The Netherlands, moreover, is home to a host of national and international companies that focus on the production or processing of bioplastics.

Holland Bioplastics was founded to share as much knowledge as possible about bioplastics, and to connect relevant parties. The four founding partners are Corbion, NatureWorks, Bio4Pack and Braskem, and participation is open to all those who are involved directly or indirectly in the production, manufacture, research and / or marketing of bioplastics. The aim is to provide clear, unified information about the possibilities of bioplastics.

Source: Bioplastics MAGAZINE, 2015-05-04.


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