7 November 2012

High-Value Opportunities for Lignin: Unlocking its Potential

Lignin could become the main renewable aromatic resource for the chemical industry in the future

As the biochemical industry emerges, it is bringing out new products and replacing existing ones made from oil. Bio-based chemicals are expected to grow significantly and increase their share in overall chemicals production to an estimated 9 per cent of all chemicals in 2020.2

As bio-refiners are focusing on biofuels, they prefer to use feedstock with high sugar content, such as bagasse from sugarcane or sweet sorghum, corn stover and grasses.

…Full Text: http://www.frost.com/sublib/display-market-insight-top.do?id=269017995

Tags: Wood, biochemicals, cellulose, hemicelluloses, key barriers, solar energy, non-fossil organic carbon, esins, rubber additives, thermoplastic blends, nutra- and pharmaceuticals

Source: Frost & Sullivan, 2012-11-07.


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