27 Juni 2003

Hemp with a stretch for swimwear

Designer Peggy Scarborough is the first to utilize hemp with a stretch for swimwear — a super alternative from conventional outdoor synthetics. She is the third generation from a family of experienced swimwear makers represented in her California business, Happy Campers Clothing.

The weight and weave of 55% hemp, 41% cotton and 4% lycra blend creates a comfortable fabric that is neither too hot nor too cold. Natural hemp and cotton breathes while lycra adds that little bit of stretch to hug the body. Expect a great fit, comfort, movement, and shape retention that won’t wash away. Natural, black, aqua and burgundy colors in one piece or separate styles are offered.

Happy Campers is dedicated to complimenting healthy active lifestyles. Sport bras, tanks, shorts, briefs and pants are perfect for yoga and athletics too. Both women and children can easily mix these hemp and lycra pieces with casual wear. Each piece is lined with 90% cotton, 10% lycra blend.

Why hemp? “Because it is environmental, holds shape, is strong, durable, and resistant to mold and ultraviolet rays,” says Peggy. “I also use PET, recycled soda pop bottles, blended with hemp to make shorts for men and women. The sustainably made combo is quick drying; terrific in or out of the water.”

Hemp Traders distributes hemp, cotton and lycra blends in four different weaves and weights. The 55% hemp, 45% PET blend is distributed from Hemptek Industries. Happy Campers Clothing is the first company on record to market hemp swimwear from fabric rather than yarn. It meets designers1 needs and consumer trends perfectly for today1s market.

For more information, contact:
Chíc Eco
Delia Montgomery (Environmental Design Consultant)
785 Abbott Road
Lexington, KY 40502
Tel.: (859) 277-9226
E-Mail: info@chiceco.com
URL: www.chiceco.com

Source: Global Hemp-News: "Hemp blends for active friends" vom 2003-06-23.

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