6 Januar 2005

Guitars – made of natural fibre composites

Properties of the natural fibre composites manufactured by Kareline Oy Ltd are currently being utilized in the products of the Flaxwood company.

An injection molded electric guitar is a good example of the material’s sound engineering adjustability and customizability. The Designer composites are natural fibre composites suitable for injection molding that are customized for the needs of each customer. The major fibre raw material used in them is non-chlorine bleached softwood pulp. In some applications, other natural fibres are used, such as flax, sisal and hemp. The matrix plastic is separately chosen for each application.
The Flaxwood guitars combine the dynamics enabled by the natural fibre composites with the warm tone and expressive power of traditional wooden instruments. The Flaxwood natural fibre composite frame reproduces the entire register in an exceptionally even way: no frequencies are especially pronounced or dampened. Since the material is impervious to humidity, the entire line is unique in its functionality. For more information on the guitars, please visit web pages of the company at www.flaxwood.com.

(Vgl. Meldung vom 2000-08-13.)

Source: Homepages von www.kareline.fi und www.flaxwood.com.

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