24 Februar 2005

Grow Your Own House!

Crops in construction handbook launched

In 1998, over 20 million tonnes of construction and demolition waste went to landfill. This represents around 30-40% of construction and demolition waste. Many traditional construction materials such as concrete use large amounts of energy in their production while materials made from crops generally use much less. CIRIA has launched a new publication Crops in construction handbook (C614) to encourage the use of products from agricultural crops (including animal-based outputs from farming, e.g. wool) in the UK construction industry.

Applications of crops cover areas such as insulation, light structural materials, geo-textiles, paints and wall finishes, floor coverings and finishes, and boards. The handbook focuses on currently available products, and how these can be used successfully in construction projects. Other products with future potential such as bio-composites, starches as construction protective packaging, are also featured. To buy Crops in construction handbook (C614), or to register for either of the events visit www.ciria.org or

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Source: CIRIA, Feb 24, 2005.

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