6 Dezember 2012

Greening the Future:

Photautotrophic Cyanobacteria as new Superproducers of Cyanophycin

The amino acid polymer cyanophycin could serve as a new and sustainable feedstock for so far petroleum-based plastics or polyaspartic acid.

Cyanophycin is produced naturally as nitrogen storage mainly by cyanobacteria, but in rather low amounts of maximally 3 percent of cell dry mass. Here we present for the first time cyanobacteria that are able to produce large quantities of cyanophycin.

…Full Text: http://www.technologieallianz.de/angebote.php?sort=sag&id=2995&lang=en

Tags: PII protein, N-acetyl-L- glutamate kinase (NAGK), biosynthesis of arginine, nitrogen-fixing bacteria, manipulation, Synechocystis

Source: TechnologieAllianz, 2012-12-06.


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