2 August 2013

GREENGOLD Ray Energies Responds To Increased World Jatropha Oil Demands:

To Become One Of The Global Jatropha Feedstock Growers And Producers

GREENGOLD Ray Energies, Inc. is “Fueling the Future” on the brighter side of GREENGOLD the Company is looking forward to a solid and increased profitability by becoming one of the major Jatropha Feedstock growers and producers worldwide!

GREENGOLD entered into a provisionary agreement with ECI Group, the Emissary Concepts Inc. whereby GREENGOLD becomes the main jatropha feedstock grower, producer and supplier. GREENGOLD will grow and process the jatropha feedstock ready for shipment for ECI Group. The agreement is long-term (up to 30 years, renewable every 5 years) under cost terms negotiated to both companies’ satisfaction. GREENGOLD expanded its jatropha feedstock cultivation and development in three (3) nations – the Philippines, the U.S.A. which is under development and the Republic of Zimbabwe, Africa under final negotiation. GREENGOLD is expanding using the country’s marginal vast idle lands in response to this increased world jatropha oil demands. The primary goal of this provisionary enterprise is to ramp-up production expansion regardless of commodity price volatility and will definitely contribute to enhanced valuation of both companies. ECI Group is currently negotiating production of large quantities of jatropha-based aviation biofuels for three major global airlines.

GREENGOLD is poised with enough base resources and talents to share in this global jatropha plantations development which shall further provide livelihood to its host communities and help prevent natural disasters by the cultivation of jatropha curcas plants, which serves as a form of Reforestation, and at the same time feeding the world’s oil supplies needs due to the ever increasing demand for green alternative biofuel oil energies; thereby benefiting the Company: for GREENGOLD’s success and profitability, ergo benefits its shareholders’ increased security equity value and good return on their investments.

About GREENGOLD Ray Energies, Inc.:
GREENGOLD Ray Energies, Inc. is a company duly incorporated and organized since August 4, 1982 in the United States under the jurisdiction of the State of Texas; changed its name to GREENGOLD Ray Energies on April 15, 2008, to reflect its main business purposes: GREEN (alternative bio-green biofuel oil productions) and GOLD (exploration and production of gold, silver, platinum, diamond and other precious metals and minerals).

GREENGOLD Ray Energies, Inc. (GREENGOLD) is a rapidly growing alternative, and renewable bio-GREEN biofuel energy industry; using jatropha seeds to produce biofuel oil and its by-products: biomass & biogas. Jatropha curcas seeds grow almost anywhere, even on gravelly, sandy and saline soils; these are processed and refined to produce high quality Jatropha oil biodiesel. This alternative biofuel oil are used in a standard diesel car, airplanes, etc.; while its residues or by-products such as biomass are capable of powering an alternative form of electricity and the biogas are used as another source of fertilizer.

“Jatropha plants once were wild growing and medicinal plants, have become the world’s potential sustainable alternative renewable energy and biofuel source. They are plants that can remove harmful CO2 emissions from the atmosphere, ergo are protecting the environment and our planet. Jatrophas are very cost effective and can practically be grown anywhere as it can grow on top soil where food crops cannot. Jatrophas are the Seeds of Hope.”

GREENGOLD Ray Energies Inc. is committed to the implementation of sustainable alternative bio-green biofuel products, as well as the explorations, mining and production of gold, silver, diamond and other precious metals; ergo representing the Company’s added profitable business endeavor, thus enhancing its Shareholders’ Securities Equity Value; thereby achieving fiscal strength based on the principle of PROFIT-PEOPLE-PLANET. Management continues to focus on achieving PROFIT, while conducting business with utmost consideration and compassion for the PEOPLE and the protection of our PLANET and the environment.

Source: GreenGold Ray Energies, Inc., press release, 2013-08-02.


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