21 August 2010

Greener Roads Approved by Central Road Research Institute

Certification for RePLAYTM, India’s first and only eco-friendly asphalt preservation agent

Green Mile Infra Pvt. Ltd. introduces RePLAYTM, India’s first and only eco-friendly asphalt preservation agent that gained certification from the Central Road Research Institute (CRRI) in April 2010. RePLAYTM is a patented biobased asphalt preservation agent proven to extend the life of asphalt roads by reversing the oxidation of bitumens in the asphalt mix without emitting life-threatening greenhouse gases like CO2.

Mr. Shankar Rao, Managing Director of Green Mile Infra explains, “Approximately 90% road pavements in India are asphalted; and overtime, asphalt oxidizes and wears out due to oxygen in air, improper water drainage system and overload. The oxidation leads to brittleness that causes cracking and potholes on the surface. Eventually entire resurfacing is required that puts major financial burden to the concerned authority or the contractor. When we treat the usable surface with RePLAYTM, it reverses past oxidation and saves the surface for another three to five years at a fraction of the cost of repaving.”

CRRI conducted field tests on a six-lane toll road in Noida, India in July 2009, allowing eight weeks for RePLAYTM to fully penetrate the asphalt matrix. Twenty-four core samples, 12 unmodified and 12 modified with BioSpan’s patented technology, were collected and analyzed using ASTM International standards. Results from the study proved RePLAYTM “definitely improves the properties of bitumen present in the road” and “much improvement [was] seen in the bituminous mix.” Developed and manufactured by BioSpan Technologies, Inc. of Missouri, USA, RePLAYTM is carbon negative, safe for the environment and user, and easy to apply.

RePLAYTM is an alternative to costly repaving that is composed of 88 percent biobased material, a majority of which is soybean oil. Compared to petroleum-based products, RePLAYTM is the most cost-effective solution for asphalt surfaces. Green Mile Infra Pvt. Ltd. is the exclusive master distributor of RePLAYTM in India. India has the third-largest road network in the world and spends millions of dollars annually on paving thousands of miles of roads.

As the CRRI’s report proved, RePLAYTM can extend the life of Indian road surfaces at a fraction of the cost of conventional road maintenance and repaving. About Green Mile Infra Pvt. Ltd. Green Mile Infra Pvt Ltd, is an entrepreneur-driven enterprise operating in the infrastructure and healthcare industries since 1988. Headquarter in Hyderabad, India, Green Mile Infra has nine offices around the country as the company forays into biobased and environmentally-friendly preservation products for paved asphalt surfaces, including roads and runways. The highly trained team of engineers and employees provide appropriate and prompt execution of projects.

About BioSpan Technologies
Inc. BioSpan Technologies, Inc. is committed to providing cost effective and environmentally friendly solutions in the fields of paving and pavement preservation, bio-decontamination, environmental recovery, and resource utilization of solid waste.

Since 1993, BioSpan has provided research-based manufacturing at state-of-the-art facilities. An international network of licensed distributors and dealers represent BioSpan’s patented products. The company operates a fully licensed FDA and EPA manufacturing facility at its headquarters in Washington, Missouri, which includes four on-site research and development laboratories.

RePLAYTM is a biobased pavement preservation agent that has been proven to prolong the life of asphalt surfaces and maintain the skid resistance. When applied to an asphalt surface, the patented solution reverses the oxidation process, penetrating up to 1.25 inches deep in the asphalt in a matter of minutes. RePLAYTM is manufactured by BioSpan Technologies, Inc.

Source: PR-inside.com, 2010-08-21.


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