1 Januar 2012


CTS is lauching its new Green TEFABLOC TPEs range

CTS is introducing its new Green TEFABLOC TPE product line. The compounds marketed under this label include up to 50 % ‘green’ raw materialgreen_tpe1.jpg. The concerned materials are by-products from others industries such as wood powder from the furniture industry. They mostly replace the currently used plasticizers and fillers in the compounds.

The Green TEFABLOC TPE’s will be used in future vehicle sealing systems. The mechanical and physical properties of the new compounds are comparable to those using virgin raw materials. But they are 10% lighter than the normal TPE compounds. As a result they offer an additional ecological advantage by reducing the weight of cars and thus the fuel consumption.

…Full Text: www.cts-compounds.com/en/s04_actualites/s04p02_detail_actu.php?id=69&keywords=

Tags: Green TEFABLOC TPE product line, by-products, vehicle sealing systems

Source: Compound Technology Services, 2012-01-01.


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