3 Dezember 2015

Green Bag Conference 2016

Markets and Policy Solutions – 08-09 March 2016, Maternushaus, Cologne

GreenBag-Logo2For many reasons plastic carrier bags have become a symbol for unsustainable production, consumption, littering and pollution. As a consequence plastics bags have been targeted by NGOs, media, politicians and regulators. A number of states around the world fully or partially banned plastics bags. Several EU Member States implemented Bagislation restricting use, mandating pricing or use of specific materials and types only. For the involved businesses plastic carrier and packaging bags represent enormous markets, e.g. exceeding 1 million tonnes and 2 bn € value alone in Europe. It is the biggest single market for bioplastics.

That’s why bioplastics MAGAZINE is now organizing the first Green Bag Conference – Markets and Policy Solutions on the 8-9 March 2016, in Cologne (Germany).

The conference will provide first-hand information from officials and key players about EU and Member State legislation, the technical framework, and the impact on businesses, markets and the environment. With pressure amounting on traditional plastic bags, market opportunities emerge for plastic bags which are biobased and recyclable, or biodegradable-compostable, or made from recyclates. Speakers will illustrate the underlying concepts and their outstanding role in policies addressing (plastic) waste, circularity, resource efficiency, green innovation and sustainable growth. Experts will explain standards, certification and eco-labels, as well as waste, recycling and littering issues. The conference will present facts and concepts which enable attendees to learn about the options, limitations and opportunities. And because of the importance of the topic, sufficient time for individual talks and networking will be also be scheduled.

Becoming better informed is key to becoming more sustainable. Therefore the proceedings of the Conference will be shared with the Governments of all 28 EU Member States, and with those from abroad upon request.

Please see below for preliminary programme. Visit www.greenbagconference.com for updated info.

The Conference will be two half days. Starting on Tuesday March 8, 2016 at 12 a.m. and ending on Wednesday March 9 at 2 p.m. Registration starts now.

The Early Bird conference fee of EUR 650.00 is valid until Jan 31, After that day the fee is EUR 799.00 (+ VAT where applicable). Sponsoring opportunities are available.

Preliminary Programme – Green Bag Conference – Markets and Policy Solutions

There will be five thematic sessions:

Day 1 – March 08, 2016 – starting 12 a.m.

  • Registration – Welcome and networking lunch
  • Setting the scene: introduction including market data
  • Policy Solutions: presented by officials from the EC and four EU Member states
  • Market Solutions: introducing three different bag concepts and views from the EU retail
  • Coffee break in the afternoon & cocktail reception at 6:00 p.m. – opportunitites for dialog and visiting the exhibition

Day 2 – March 09, 2016 – starting 8:30 a.m.

  • Knowlege base: explaining science and facts from film recycling, biodegradation and composting, biobased sourcing, marine littering and life cycle analysis
  • Getting involved: presenting and discussing views of key players on where we are and what are we aiming for – to establish the best market and policy solutions
  • Farewell lunch at 1:00 p.m.

Would you like getting involved? — Become a sponsor or exhibitor — contact kaeb@greenbagconference.com

Source: bioplastics MAGAZINE, 2015-12-03.


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