12 Juni 2020

GO!PHA #7 – What about recycling of PHA-polymers?

White paper shows that PHAs meet the needs of all known end-of-life options

In numerous countries and geographic areas people are rightfully fed-up with the plastic waste streams they see everywhere, including on land and in rivers, lakes and oceans. This plastic waste mountain is growing rapidly year after year. While the visible part of our plastic waste is readily apparent, the non-visible part is even larger. So the question is: “How can we remedy the challenge lying before us?”

In cooperation with Danimer Scientific we explore the end-of-life options of the PHA-platform and find that PHAs meet the needs of all known end-of-life options. Also, we shall explain the details behind this statement and its implications.

Download white paper here

Source: GO!PHA, press release, 2020-05.
Author: Jan Ravenstijn (GO!PHA), Phil Van Trump (Danimer Scientific)


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