17 Februar 2010

Gemalto Launches the First Trial for Bio-Sourced SIM cards

First trial worldwide for cards made from renewable material

Gemalto, the world leader in digital security, announces the launch of a pilot of bio-sourced SIM cards by SFR, leading French operator with over 20 million mobile subscribers. The card body, made from plant-based bioplastics, is easily recyclable and compostable and can be incinerated without emission of toxic fumes. Gemalto has also supplied SFR with packaging made from recycled paper and plant-based inks. This program is the first trial of bio-sourced cards in the world.

This initiative is part of SFR’s longstanding policy to limit the impact of its activities on the environment. It highlights the operator’s commitment to both innovation and leadership in bringing to market new avantgarde products.

The bio-sourced SIM card is made from a new renewable material derived from corn, sugarcane or potato starch. This material is easily recyclable and compostable through small scale industrial units and reduces the global ecological footprint of the production process.

This card is part of the expanded portfolio of eco-friendly products that are available for banking, telecom and government customers worldwide. This portfolio underscores Gemalto’s long-standing commitment to develop innovative digital security solutions, which enhance and protect everyday digital interactions, including through production and logistics processes designed to reduce the company’s overall environmental impact.

“Gemalto and SFR share the same vision in bringing to the market new innovative products that respect the environment,” said Philippe Vallée, Executive Vice President, Telecommunication Business Unit, Gemalto. “The efforts toward sustainable practices and products are part of Gemalto’s overall belief in being a responsible global corporate citizen.”

In spring 2010, SFR will begin the distribution of bio-sourced SIM cards to its customers (via replacement SIMs for defective, lost or stolen cards or in order to access new services).

Further information:
For more details visit www.gemalto.com/telecom/packaging/index.html.

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Source: Gemalto, press release, 2010-02-16.


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