5 März 2013

Game-changing innovation in ready meal packaging

Potentially the single biggest step change in reducing the carbon footprint of ready meal retail

A biodegradable barrier tray which has been developed by KCC Packaging will enable retailers to move away from carbon-hungry CPET and aluminium throughout ready meal retail, according to its developer, Chartered Environmentalist Kevin Clarke. The sustainable solution is ovenable, microwaveable and compostable, and according to Clarke, does the same job on the same equipment as the trays that are currently in use.

The tray has been tested for durability, wet strength and effectiveness in cooking and Clarke believes a key driver for the first supermarket to change to the new method will be from the finance department rather than the packaging department.

… Full text: www.k-c-c.co.uk/news.php

Tags: carbon-friendliness, Pro2Pack, cornstarch disposable cutlery, carbon footprint, recycle, biodegrades, Hot Box

Source: KCC, 2013-03-05.


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