22 Januar 2013

Flocculation as a low-cost method for harvesting microalgae for bulk biomass production

Global demand driving requirement of possible solutions for industrial scale yields

The global demand for biomass for food, feed, biofuels, and chemical production is expected to increase in the coming decades.

Microalgae are a promising new source of biomass that may complement agricultural crops. Production of microalgae has so far been limited to high-value applications. In order to realize large-scale production of microalgae biomass for low-value applications, new low-cost technologies are needed to produce and process microalgae.

… Full text: www.cell.com/trends/biotechnology/abstract/S0167-7799(12)00224-7

Tags: separation, culture medium, genetic modification, biofuels, coagulation, harvesting

Source: Trends in Biotechnology, 2013-01-22.


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