22 Januar 2013

FKuR launches GMO-free PLA products

Purac's sustainable feedstocks to generate durable applications in a range of high end markets

FKuR, producer of high performance bioplastics, has launched two BIO-FLEX products that exclusively use GMO-free PLA. BIO-FLEX F6513 and BIO-FLEX F6611, both based on PURALACT® Lactides from Purac, are made from GMO-free feedstocks and can achieve temperature resistance up to 130°C. Combining technological performance with the GMO-free aspect results in a high quality PLA based product especially designed for those brand owners, retailers and consumers requiring a GMO-free product. The products are pleasant to the touch, have a pearlescent gloss and are biodegradable. BIO-FLEX F 6513 is ideally used for injection molding, whereas BIO-FLEX F 6611 has been developed for thermoforming.

High heat capabilities with PURALACT Lactides from Purac
Purac’s solutions for high performance PLA unlock bioplastic potential for high temperature applications, such as microwavable food packaging and hot beverage cups, and also for durable applications in a range of high end markets, such as automotive, carpet, clothing and consumer electronics and appliances. PURALACT® L & D based homopolymers – known as PLLA and PDLA – are the key to this improved heat performance and are commercially available from Purac.

Sustainable, GMO-free feedstocks
Purac is a member of Bonsucro and SEDEX, which forms a part of Purac’s sustainable sourcing initiative. Bonsucro is a global, multi-stakeholder, nonprofit initiative dedicated to reducing the environmental and social impacts of sugar cane production. Purac exclusively uses “GMO-free” feedstocks to produce its PLA monomers.

Next generation biomass feedstocks
Purac is actively involved in various fundamental research and development programs to develop cellulose-based, non-food raw materials into a sustainable feedstock for PLA. Purac is investigating some specific, currently available, by-product streams that can be used as PLA feedstock. Purac is committed to having a pilot facility using these alternative feedstocks in the near future.

Source: Purac, press release, 2013-01-22.


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