23 November 2016

Find the bio-based product for your procurement needs

Open-Bio project launches database showcasing bio-based products for public procurement – Bio-based product suppliers are invited to join the database

From November 2013 to October 2016, the EU project Open-Bio investigated how markets could be opened for bio-based products through standardization, labelling and procurement. As one main result informed by customer needs and demands, the project developed a database that provides relevant information about bio-based end products to assist public buyers in making purchasing decisions. Its main goal is to simplify the lives of procurement officials that want to pay more attention to bio-based products but don’t know where to start. Here is a starting point now!

The database presents various bio-based products which are relevant for public procurers and sorted by application area, product type and Common Procurement Vocabulary Code. Products include for example office supplies, gardening equipment, lubricants or plastics plates and cutlery.

In the database, users find information about the bio-based content of products, sustainability, functionality and end-of-life aspects, such as biodegradability. Claims are supported by references to standards, technical sheets and labels.

The database shall become a starting point for public purchasers to get informed about the various bio-based products available on the European market. It can be used as an entrance portal for market research in order to widen the public procurement product portfolio beyond conventional fossil based products.

Suppliers of bio-based end products are invited to join the database. Access is free of charge. Data will be presented in English. For more information, please contact m.westkaemper@fnr.de

The database was developed by a European team led by the German Agency for Renewable Resources (http://international.fnr.de/) including nova-Institute; BTG Biomass Technology Group, TU Berlin and DLO. The project was coordinated by the Netherlands Standardization Institute (NEN).

The database can be found on the Open-Bio website: www.open-bio.eu/database

For questions, please contact the researcher in charge Martin Behrens (m.behrens@fnr.de) or the project communication officer Lara Dammer (lara.dammer@nova-institut.de).

Source: Open-Bio, press release, 2016-11-17.


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