17 Dezember 2007

FEIC introduces an information campaign towards the end user at European level

The European Federation of the Plywood Industry (FEIC) unites 75 plywood companies producing yearly 4 millions m3 in 20 different countries. The main mission of FEIC consists in promoting and defending European Plywood as a product and an industry.

Within this frame FEIC members took a first initiative in 2004 which was supported by the European Commission. They have now made the decision to take a wide spread action of information about plywood towards the European end consumer and to urge the public authorities to continue the necessary market surveillance.

To this end FEIC recalls that one of the main applications of plywood is related to the construction market. This specific market area is regulated by the Construction Products Directive 89/106/CE where the safety criteria constitutes a major aspect.

Under those circumstances it is vital that the end consumer makes sure that the plywood product which he chooses is fit for his intended use and fully conforms to the standards and regulations in place and to which European plywood producers submit themselves when the products are aimed at being used in the construction sector. Making the choice for a European plywood means making the choice for safety. It also means complying with the regulation in place more specifically when the plywood is aimed at being used in structural applications for which a CE marking Structure 2+ level is mandatory.

Everywhere in Europe consumers are living in a wide variety of surroundings equipped with plywood such as private and public constructions, internal fittings, sportive equipments, boat building, light and heavy vehicle building, rail car equipments.

For the whole network (from the distributors and specifier through to the applicators and the end users), choosing a European is therefore a guarantee of an extremely safe, quality product, whatever its use. It is also the guarantee of receiving helpful advice, a close follow-up and a reactive after-sales service. Manufactured from logs coming from forests under long–term durable management, plywood is above all a material which can be recycled. It actively contributes both to the protection of the environment and the ecological and economic balance of the wood value and employment chains.

Read the full press release in English or French here.

(Cf. news of 2007-07-18 as in german news of 2007-05-10, 2007-05-18 and 2007-02-22.)

Source: FEIC, 2007-12-17.

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