1 August 2008

FAO’s NWFP-Digest: World of Non-Wood Forest Products

Newsletter No. 5/08

FAO’s NWFP-Digest-L is a free e-mail journal that covers all aspects of non-wood forest products. All issues of the Digest may be found on FAO’s NWFP home page: www.fao.org/forestry/site/12980/en.

Issue No. 5/08, 2008-07-30

    Agarwood in high demand (Thailand)
    Bamboo: Building on bamboo
    Bamboo bridge spans the River Tyne (UK)
    Baobab: New exotic fruit to hit UK shops
    Berries (Goji berry): ‘Super berry’ poses risk to UK’s tomato and potato crops
    Berries (Synsepalum dulcificum): Miracle fruit turns sour into sweet
    Brazil nuts in Peru: A lot of nuts, a lot of noise
    Bushmeat: The other food crisis
    Gum Arabic: Sudan’s manna from heaven and strategic weapon
    Honey: Battling the MRSA Superbug with Manuka Honey
    Honey in the USA: Distinctive flavors inhabit honey
    Medicinal plants: Scientists in malaria battle
    Moringa: HIV/AIDS Caregivers urged to provide quality care
    Moringa: Planting of malunggay trees encouraged in schools
    Moringa: Himalayan tree offers fuel crop hope
    Mushrooms: Antibiotic-producing mushroom discovered
    Mushrooms in Bhutan: Generating Yartsa Goenbub in the lab
    Mulberry: Useful protein found in mulberry
    Stevia: Coke, Cargill launch Stevia-based sweetener
    Stevia in Kenya: Finlays in medicinal herb venture
    Truffles take off in WA, Australia

    Australia: Sandalwood plantation for far north
    Bolivia: 2008 exports of forest products from La Paz and Santa Cruz drop 26%
    Cameroon: Studies recommend more forest access for Baka Pygmies
    Canada: Ontario to preserve one-half of its Boreal Forest, more than 55 million acres
    China: ADB helps China improve Baiyangdian Ecosystem
    Ecuador Constitutional Assembly votes to approve rights of nature in new constitution
    Ghana: MOFA makes advances to boost Sheanut production
    India: Centrally sponsored Scheme on National Mission on Medicinal Plants
    India: Villagers in Orissa depend on Mahua flowers for their livelihood
    India: East India Leather is now an exclusive geo product
    Kenya wins international recognition for forests
    Mali: Forum des investisseurs sur la filière-karité au Mali
    Qatar: Bioprospecting plant genetic resources
    Solomon Islands: Honey production encouraged
    Turkey: Turkish valley to be developed as ecotourism area
  • NEWS
    Africans urged to ‘eat locally’ at poor people’s summit
    Climate friendly cars: Prototype sustainable wooden car unveiled
    Global Forest Plan could boost fight against poverty and climate change
    “Trees Connecting People: In Action Together”
    BfD Beekeepers’ Safaris – latest dates
    “Poplars, willows and people’s wellbeing” – 23rd Session of the International Poplar Commission Conference
    Cultivated Agarwood in Vietnam; A guided field tour of successful Agarwood production in the Mekong Delta.
    Training programme: ‘Governance for forests, nature and people’
    Request for information: Curaua fiber
    Africa – Atlas of our Changing Environment now available
    Other publications of interest
    Web sites and e-zines
    African ‘wall of trees’ gets underway
    Mexico plants 8 million trees in latest green project
    Papua New Guinea’s forests all but gone in 13 years

Source: NWFP-Digest-L, 2008-07-30.


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