3 Dezember 2007

“FAO’s NWFP-Digest: World of Non-Wood Forest Products”

Newsletter No. 11/07

FAO’s NWFP-Digest-L is a free e-mail journal that covers all aspects of non-wood forest products. All issues of the Digest may be found on FAO’s NWFP home page: www.fao.org/forestry/site/12980/en.

Issue No. 11/07, 2007-11-30

    1. Acai: Can a smoothie really save the rainforest?
    2. Aquilaria: Chemists move toward production of valuable essential oil
    3. Bamboo: Pandas face hunger as bamboo approach end of lifespan
    4. Bark: Bad breath beware
    5. Honey: The frequent usage of manuka honey for eczema treatment
    6. Medicinal plants: Ancient medicinal plant yields modern leukemia drug
    7. Neem: Rightly called the ‘village pharmacy’
    8. Seabuckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides): Ancient “wonder berry” taking root in Saskatchewan
    9. Seabuckthorn: Are you ready for seabuckthorn wine?
    10. Shea nuts: Northern region produces 50,000 tonnes sheanuts
    11. Stevia: US firm claims cheap, industrial stevia production
    12. Stevia: PureCircle complete deal with Chinese agribusiness to produce stevia plant extract
    13. Truffle prices up as Italian summer ruins crop
    14. Truffles: English farmers in attempt to cultivate truffles
    15. Wildlife:extinction threat growing for mankind’s closest living relatives

    16. Belize: Fish that lives in trees found in Belize
    17. Brazil: Government to discuss endangered species list of Brazilian flora
    18. Cameroon: Scientist fears extinction of medicinal plants on Mt. Cameroon
    19. Cameroon: Exhibition of local, indigenous crops impresses population
    20. Denmark: Fewer Christmas trees cost more
    21. Fiji: Minister eyes sandalwood boom
    22. Finland: Study on Finns’ recreational habits to begin in 2008
    23. Guyana: Rainforest tribe establishes massive sustainable-use reserve
    24. India: Uttarakhand forests valued at $2.4 billion
    25. Iran: Honey production increased by 2.5 times in North Khorasan province
    26. Kenya: Government-owned ranch ventures into wildlife conservation
    27. Mexico funds will protect butterflies
    28. Myanmar: Promotion of standard of traditional medicine urged
    29. Philippines: DENR to tap bamboo for reforestation
    30. Rwanda: Campaign to plant 100m trees
    31. Vietnam: Medicinal mushroom first found in Vietnam
  • NEWS
    32. Africa: Forestry policies, laws biased – FAO
    33. Amazon rainforest children to get medicinal plant training from shamans
    34. By saving gorillas, can Congolese save themselves?
    35. Indigenous people and forest care
    36. Japan invests in Indian forestry
    37. Natural product discovery by Cleveland medical researchers
    38. Scientists receive $2.5 million to study Amazon forests and climate change
    39. Skin whitening ingredient
    40. National Workshop on Sustainable Management of NTFPs
    41. Asia-Pacific Forestry Commission – 22nd Session
    42. 11th European Forum on Urban Forestry. ”Forest Recreation and Tourism serving Urbanised Societies”
    43. International Conference: Adaptation of forests and forest management to changing climate with emphasis on forest health: a review of science, policies, and practices;
    44. 4th World Congress on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants–Using Plants to benefit people
    45. Request to complete a survey: The dilemma of dissemination in research
    46. Other publications of interest
    47. Web sites and e-zines
    48. Nature is the Best Medicine

(Cf. news of 2007-10-30, 2007-08-29 and 2007-08-12.)

Source: NWFP-Digest-L, 2007-08-28.

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