27 März 2009

FAO’s NWFP-Digest: World of Non-Wood Forest Products

Newsletter No. 2/09

FAO’s NWFP-Digest-L is a free e-mail journal that covers all aspects of non-wood forest products. All issues of the Digest may be found on FAO’s NWFP home page: www.fao.org/forestry/site/12980/en.

Issue No. 1/09, 2009-03-04

    1. Bark cloth makes comeback on international fashion scene
    2. Bushmeat: Health alert over rise in trade
    3. Guarana beverage
    4. Maple syrup industry hopes product sticks
    5. Medicinal Plants: Scientists unveil herbs that treat epilepsy
    6. Moringa oleifera: La Meringa – Experimentan con planta nutritiva
    7. Mushroom Extract Improves Effectiveness of Prostate Cancer Treatment
    8. Rattan in Vietnam: WWF unveils sustainable production plan
    9. Sandalwood: A Critical View of Developments
    10. Truffles: Italian group defends honour of rare white truffles
    11. Vegetable ivory: Sustainable jeweller partners with ethical retailer

    12. Amazonia: NWFP valued at €40-80/ha per year in new WWF report
    13. Bhutan: Boost for bamboo product makers
    14. India moves to protect traditional medicines from foreign patents
    15. Japan: Denso develops ‘organic’ radiator tank
    16. Kenya: Rural communities to benefit from plan to market natural plants
    17. Malaysia: Agarwood Research Centre in Melaka
    18. Malaysia: On a quest to revive tradition
    19. Rwanda: Alleviating poverty through silk production
    20. Sri Lanka: Saving cinnamon industry
    21. Sri Lanka: Relief essential to cinnamon industry
    22. Sudan: Ex-official calls for export-ban on Gum Arabic to ICC supporting countries
    23. USA: Honey laundering
  • NEWS
    24. Albert-Ludwig University Freibrug accepting M.Sc FEM. Applications
    25. Biodiversity International call for submissions
    26. Forest Research Institute University, Dehra Dun, accepting applications
    27. Forests and the global economy: 10 million new jobs
    28. Forestry in a new economic climate
    29. International Year of Natural Fibres 2009 – an update
    30. Launch of new superfruit beverage
    31. New interactive database on indicators of sustainable forest management in Europe
    32. United Nations-Environment Program to protect bees, pollinators
    33. UN Forum on Forests (UNFF)
    34. Towards a Rights-Based Agenda in International Forestry
    35. International Conference on Plants and Environmental Pollution 2009
    36. Tunza International Youth Conference on the Environment
    37. Secondo Congresso Internazionale Construcciones de Cubierta vegetal “Pinolere 2009”
    38. Plant Conservation for the Next Decade: A Celebration of Kew’s 250th Anniversar
    39. Request for information: Shorea robusta
    40. The World Resources Institute (WRI) is seeking a Senior Associate
    41. Nature-Friendly Land Use Practices at Multiple Scales
    42. Other publications of interest
    43. Web sites and e-zines
    44. Bigger trees helping fight against climate change
    45. Palm oil may be single most immediate threat to the greatest number of species
    46. Rural depopulation isn’t just a social problem: it affects wildlife too

Source: NWFP-Digest-L, 2009-03-27.


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