6 November 2014

Extract Library stores bridge between horticulture and customers

Kenniscentrum Plantenstoffen to offer innovative database for interested growers

The new extract library currently covers three quarters of the Dutch biodiversity. Companies that offer interesting plant genera are, however, still apply. It must be for the biobased industry become even easier to set up innovative product-market combinations in.

The extract library is a special initiative. From mid-2015 unlocks it as ‘experimental’ (potential) customers the enormous diversity of active ingredients from horticultural crops. Approach is to link Dutch gardeners as a supplier to manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, agro-chemicals, colors, flavors and fragrances, cosmetics, food (supplements) and feed (additives). Now, a large part of the components of horticultural plants is not known. The extract library bridges the gap between suppliers of plants and customers, which extracts of various plant materials screening efficacy.

Has recently been working on bringing as many partners, meeting set project Annelieke Hoenderkamp of Plant Substances. Knowledge “There are about twenty to twenty-five growers from across the country, both from the bulb, vegetable, fruit and nursery stock. Together, they provide approximately 75 percent of the intended 2.240 plant materials. So we are still looking for more applications from growers so that we can offer an even greater diversity. ”

Interested growers can contact Annelieke Hoenderkamp. It then considered whether the plant materials are lacking as yet and whether there is a need. “We talk to the growers also on quality: at what age and under what ground conditions are harvested plants? What was the starting material, and where did that come from? All of these variables are important, which have influence on the extract. We can not control the variables, but we can retrieve the necessary information and parts. ”

Now the project develops vision, attention in the project also shifted to other aspects. At the same time Hoenderkamp look at the market with customers. From the steering committee involved in the extract library has already shown interest in the innovative database. The idea is that interested buyers can extracts from mid-2015 screening efficacy. The library should end 2015 fully rotate.

Source: Kenniscentrum Plantenstoffen, press release, 2014-10-22.


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