14 April 2004

Euroflax-Newsletter No 20/04 published

Dear Readers,

In the previous issue No 18 & 19 we have written about the new policy regarding R&D in Euro-zone with the main task to accelerate the growth of European economy and technology transfer (integrated target project networks, research training networks, Cost Actions etc.). I have expressed my question – why our Network with a long lasting experience (since 1989) and tradition in gathering high ranking specialists in such important topics, connected with sustainable development and lignocellulosic fibrous raw materials had got rather restricted financing, which reduced possibility of large scale activity. My dream is to explore the Network experience and abilities and create the new Network of Excellence in the scope of natural fibres. We have got the information about review of the activities of ESCORENA Networks done for European Commission by independent expert. There is a light in tunnel in connection with proposal of recommendation for funding the ESCORENA system activities, to be accepted by forum during the 33rd Session of the European Commission on Agriculture (ECA), 1-2 March 2004, Rome, Italy.

Let me repeat, I believe that our Network helps not only us-European inhabitants, but it could be useful for whole world and especially for developing rural areas.

Let me turn your attention strongly to the next Global Workshop of the Network, which will be held on October 24-28, 2004 in Banja Luka – capitol of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republika Srpska. Please, read the 1st circular in this issue and you are welcome to register! We are convinced, that the conference and related project will help to the revival of textile industry related to bast plants, not only in Bosnia and Herzegovina but also in all Balkan countries. We do want to contribute to the recovery of post war Balkan countries.

I have good news for future events: the representatives of CSIR, Centre for Fibres, Textiles & Clothing Manufacturing & Materials Technology, Port Elizabeth, South Africa, during their visit at the Institute of Natural Fibres presented the proposal of hosting the next international conference of our Network by CSIR in South Africa, probably in October 2005.

Yours sincerely,

The Editor, Prof. Dr. Ryszard Kozlowski

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Source: Euroflax-Newsletter Nr. 20/04 vom 2004-04-14.

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