22 Februar 2008

EuPC Brochure “Bioplastics & Biodegradibility”

Questions & Answers

Europe’s Brussels-based plastics converters’ body EuPC has published a “Questions and Answers” document on Bioplastics and Degradability. This factual brochure giving answers to the commonly asked questions on the subject follows the preparation of a detailed internal industry position paper issued to EuPC members in 2006, the fruit of co-operation with Plastics Europe.

Bioplastics are generally considered to be types of plastics derived from natural resources such as wood (cellulose), vegetable oils, sugar or starch. The aim of the document is to give clear and concise information in order to clarify precisely what is meant by the terminology used and to correct misinformation which has entered into circulation about this family of materials. The document will also help the reader understand the relationship between bioplastics and biodegradation, positioning biodegradation within the wider context of degradation as a whole.

The plastic converting industry is today looking for other sources of raw materials that can have the same properties but cost advantages compared to traditional raw materials. Even though bioplastics still constitute an immature market, they have the potential to grow exponentially in the next years.

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EuPC Brochure: Bioplastics & Biodegradibility: Questions & Answers

(Cf. news of 2007-11-30, 2007-12-07 und 2007-11-19.)

Source: EuPC, press release, 2008-02-19.

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