28 September 2011

EcoVantage’s Thermally-Modified Lumber Earns USDA Certified Bio-based Product Label

EcoPrem products are composed of 100 percent renewable, bio-based ingredients

Indiana-based EcoVantage LLC recently earned the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Certified Bio-based product label for its EcoPrem line of products. This certification verifies that the firm’s EcoPrem products are composed of 100 percent renewable, bio-based ingredients, an amount that exceeds the prescribed USDA standard. Bio-based products are goods composed in whole or in significant part of agricultural, forestry or marine materials, making them better for the environment.|

“The EcoPrem line of thermally-modified, domestically-sourced wood products is a superior solution to pressure-treated lumber or composite materials, which are either toxic to the environment and its people, or lack the beauty of real wood and end up as plastic waste in a landfill,” said EcoVantage President Allen Holman.

EcoVantage’s thermally-modified wood is created using the firm’s patented EcoPrem process. This is an advanced, proprietary method of combining heat and steam to turn wood into a greatly-improved outdoor construction material. EcoPrem wood is resistant to rot because of its lower moisture content and lack of sugars and resins and comes with a 30-year warranty, although accelerated testing in Finland which stopped at 53 years still showed not rotting present. The thermally-modified wood is also dimensionally stable, resisting cupping, twisting, warping and insects.

The EcoPrem line of thermally-modified lumber products includes:

  • EcoDeck: outdoor decking and railing systems

  • RyteScape: fencing, pergolas and arbors
  • EternaClad: natural wood siding, shutters, ceilings
  • StayTru: structural lumber for deck underpinnings, docks and piers

EcoVantage USDA Certification
All Bio-based amount claims are verified by independent labs and monitored by the USDA. Consumers can confirm that a product is Bio-based by looking for USDA Certified Bio-based Product labels which in the case of EcoVantage products are labeled 100 percent bio-based.

About EcoVantage LLC
EcoVantage LLC is located near St. Joe, Indiana, where it uses an advanced, method of combining heat and steam to turn wood into a new and improved outdoor construction material called EcoPrem. The firm starts with No. 1-grade southern yellow pine that is modified through EcoVantage?s patented process to become a dimensionally stable product ? one that resists warping, cupping and twisting. Thermally-modified wood is guaranteed against rotting for 30 years. For more information on EcoVantage’s product specifications visit www.sweets.com.

Kate Gigli, V.P. Sales & Marketing,
phone: 260-337-0338, Ext. 226,
email: kgigli@econovantagewood.com

Source: Ecovantage LLC, press release, 2011-09-28.


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