20 März 2013

Direvo announces successful closure of 3.5 Million Euro financing round

BluCon® and BluZy® ready for a successful market entrance

Today, Direvo Industrial Biotechnology GmbH (Direvo) announced the successful closure of a financing round of three and a half million Euro to fund the sustainable growth of the company.

All current major investors participated in this third financing round since the founding of Direvo, a spin-off from Direvo Biotech AG, in the year 2008. The capital will be used to get the platform technologies BluCon® and BluZy® ready for the market.

Jorg Riesmeier, Chief Executive Officer of Direvo, said: “We are pleased to have closed this financing round to accelerate the market maturity of our products. We are also very proud that all of our existing investors have committed again. This underlines the investors’ belief in our team, the satisfaction with the things we have achieved so far and the trust to manage the up-coming challenges in the markets. Direvo is well prepared for a successful market entrance.”

Source: Direvo, press release, 2013-03-18.


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