20 August 2014

A design with SK Chemicals’ eco-friendly material received favorable response from International Design Excellence Award

Kudos for Ecojun’s Public Capsule

  • Ecojun received the silver prize from the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA), which was hosted by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA)
  • Adopted biomaterials, such as ECOZEN…“Favorable response” in internal design elements

A product with a newly conceptualized design, which is made of eco-friendly materials, received favorable response from an international design award.

SK Chemicals announced on the 10th of this month that the , which was developed by Ecojun Company (CEO Jun-suh Lee, hereinafter called “Ecojun”), a professional design company, using SK Chemical’s eco-friendly material ECOZEN, received the silver prize in the kitchenware sector from the International Design Excellence Awards, a global design award.

As the world’s most prestigious design contest hosted by IDSA, International Design Excellence Awards is regarded as one of the world’s three biggest industrial design awards, together with the iF Design Awards and the Red Dot Design Awards.

The submitted by Ecojun is a portable water bottle shaped like a pill, which significantly improved user convenience by adopting a design that makes its users easily drink water by just tilting the top of the bottle by 60°.

The design received high recognition from the International Design Excellence Awards because it paid special attention even to “internal” elements, such as the materials beyond “external” elements. The used bioplastics that were extracted from grains in all parts of the product, from the cover to the main body and the cup. The transparent cup at the lower part of the product, which is used as a water cup, was also made from SK Chemical’s bioplastic ECOZEN.

CEO Jun-suh Lee of Ecojun explained, “ECOZEN is a material that has high transparency and high materiality among the bioplastics used at home and abroad, which played an important role in producing the lightweight design of the that it looks like it were floating in the air. He also added, “One of the reasons why we selected ECOZEN is the eco-friendliness of its cup as it contains no BisphenolA because its main use is to let its users directly pour the water into the cup for easy drinking.”

In addition, this product is sold along with the campaign that an antimalaria drug, which is good for one day, will be donated to African children every time one is sold. This goal for public value is also considered as a major element that influenced the evaluationresults of the contest.

An SK Chemical person said, “The purpose of the to save children’s lives and the philosophy of Ecojun to prioritizethe environment corresponded with the mission that we are aiming for. So we carried out close cooperation with Ecojun from the stage of product development.”He also added, “We will further strengthen our cooperative relationship with Ecojun to create synergistic effects in the future in various fields, such as marketing and social contribution, beyondproduct development.”

The bottle is available for purchase at the official Web site of Ecojun (www.ecojun.com), 10×10 Design Store, A-Land, and Galleria Gourmet at KRW 23,000.


Ecojun Company’s Public Capsule (photo) that used SK Chemical’s bioplastic ECOZEN for its materials received the silver prize in the kitchenware sector from International Design Excellence Awards, a global design award. This product received high recognition because it is eco-friendly and has paid special attention even to internal elements, such as the materials beyond external elements.


About Ecojun Company

Ecojun Company is a design company that develops and produces green-design products based on environmental and ecological ethics. It pursues green design that considers Life Cycle Assessment and universal design that considers not only the replacement of the materials with those that are eco-friendly but also the convenience of users when they use the products. The corporate philosophy of Ecojun is to protect the environment for our next generations by providing its customers with the best design and quality.

About Public Capsule

The “Public Capsule” that is shaped like a pill has a goal for public value. Every time one pill-shaped “Public Capsule” is sold, antimalaria drug, which is good for one day, will be donated to African children. The design value of the product has also been globally recognized after it has received the silver prize in the 2014 International Design Excellence Awards. (For purchase inquiries, please contact Ecojun Company at 070-4640-2118 or visit its Web site at www.ecojun.com.)

Source: SK Chemicals, press release, 2014-08-18.


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