14 Januar 2015

Crowd Design Concept: 3D-print an electrical guitar on Eurosonic

Dutch organisation shows that you really don't need much to make your own 'toys'

3D-printing a playable guitar with bioplastic on a regular 3D-printer, that’s quite a challenge! House of Design, Studio Marleen Andela and Rikkers Gitaarbouw take up this challenge during Eurosonic from Thursday, the 15th of January to Saturday, the 17th of January. On the last day, the electric guitar will be sold by auction for music education in local villages.

This Crowd Design Concept will be free to visit during Eurosonic in the sustainable village Summerlabb at Ebbingekwartier in Groningen. Crowd Design means that the audience contributes in the design process and that there is no defined final result. A guitar, made of loose parts, will be printed on the spot on small 3D-printers. On the last day we put the guitar together as a building kit.


It’s going to be close whether we achieve our final goal, since it’s an experiment. Therefore any help will be welcome. For example bring your own 3D-printer, share your expertise and/or musical knowledge, or contribute in the design by sketching with us. Doing it yourself stands at the heart of this concept, the organisation shows that you really don’t need much to make your own ‘toys’ for young and old.

On the last day of Eurosonic, at Summerlabb, we will sell the guitar by auction. We will donate all donations and auction earnings to the Rijdende Popschool: an initiative on wheels that is committed to giving music lessons in villages where there are few music facilities. All the names of the contributors will be captured in the guitar.

Want to contribute in the design process? Join us at the brainstorm sessions. On the 15th, 16th and 17th of January from 14:00 to 15:00 in the Summerlabb tent. The guitar will be auctioned  on Saturday, the 17th of January at 16:00 by the Summerlabb tent at Ebbingekwartier. Your welcome to visit the project at any time on thursday and friday from 11:00 until 22:00 hrs and on Saturday from 10:00 until 18:00 hrs.

This Crowd Design Concept is made possible by Interreg IVB, North Sea Region Programme, CCC reloaded, and the Life Long Learning project 3D-Comenius.

Source: House of Design, press release, 2015-01-08.
Author: Studio Jauke van den Brink


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