2 November 2005

Cooper Power Systems Enters Into New Supply and Marketing Agreement for Innovative Edible Seed Oil-Based Dielectric Fluid

Cooper Power Systems announced today that it has entered into a supply agreement with ABB Inc. that will expand the availability of the Cooper’s bio-based dielectric coolants used in electrical power equipment. Under the terms of this new agreement, ABB will purchase and market Cooper Power Systems’ Envirotemp® FR3(TM) fluid, the leading bio-based dielectric coolant, for use in its transformers and other electrical equipment.

The agreement also licenses ABB, under the existing Cooper Power Systems patents, to continue its production, marketing and distribution of Biotemp®, a biodegradable vegetable-oil-based dielectric insulating fluid that was developed by ABB. Both fluids offer improved environmental benefits and fire resistant properties when compared to traditional mineral oil dielectric fluids.

Manufactured from edible seed oils, Envirotemp FR3 fluid is a biodegradable, dielectric insulating fluid that offers many benefits including increased fire and environmental safety, and enhanced performance and life of a utility’s transformer assets using the fluid. Additionally, Envirotemp FR3 fluid has received the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Environmental Technologies Verification, and has recently been listed in the new Federal Bio-based Product Purchasing program.

According to Michael A. Stoessl, group president, Cooper Power Systems, “The benefits of bio-based fluids as compared to petroleum oil traditionally used by industry include improving system performance and reducing dependency on a depleting resource. This agreement allows both companies to focus on accelerating the use of bio-based dielectric fluids by the electrical distribution and power industry.

“Cooper is the industry leader in developing and applying alternative dielectric fluids, while ABB leads with its global presence in manufacturing electrical power equipment. This is a great opportunity for customers to reap the benefits of FR3 fluid from two leaders in the transformer industry,” Stoessl said.

Company Information

Cooper Power Systems is a subsidiary of Cooper Industries (NYSE: CBE – News), a diversified worldwide manufacturer of products for the electrical, commercial and industrial markets. Cooper Power Systems manufactures distribution transformers, distribution switchgear, reclosers, capacitors, protective relays, voltage regulators, automated switches, cable accessories, surge arrestors, transformer components and dielectric fluids, fuses and tools and it provides engineering services for the electrical and industrial markets.

Source: Cooper Industries press release of Nov. 01, 2005.

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