4 Oktober 2006

Comprehensive study on worldwide available biodegradable plastics and bio-plastics published

Now available: Study on the technical characteristics and processing parameters of worldwide available thermoplastic biopolymers. In cooperation with the Institute for Recycling, Germany

The Institute for Recycling (IfR), Wolfsburg, in cooperation with bioplastics24.com, has published a comprehensive study on technical characteristics and processing parameters of worldwide available biodegradable plastics and bio-plastics. The study is available through the biokunststoffe.com website.

The key part of the new study “Bio-Plastics – Processing Parameters and Technical Characteristics” is a comprehensive, comparative compilation of the technical characteristics and the processing properties of biodegradable plastics and bio-plastics. A casting machine at the Institute for Recycling has formed test units from more than 40 polymers, submitted by almost 30 manufacturers and developers. A variety of testing machines performed intensive material tests at the in-house laboratory of the Institute. The technical parameters and casting characteristics have been determined according to DIN-standards.

All data are concisely presented in form of a study. Materials are sorted according to material groups, and within the groups according to manufacturer names. Information from company brochures and personal interviews have been incorporated in the study, in addition to the data that the IfR had determined.

The study is mainly intended for manufacturers, processors and users of biodegradable plastics, as well as manufacturers who plan on starting thermoplastic biopolymer-processing, and everyone who is interested in getting an overview of the materials, their characteristics, prices und ways of using them.

“This study offers an opportunity for users and manufacturers in the plastics industry to easily and expeditiously compare material characteristics of biopolymers, which in many cases will save tedious and cost intensive material testing procedures,” says Dr. Andreas Marek, a co-author of the study and currently responsible for organizing the Fraunhofer ICT project group Nachhaltige Mobilität (Sustainable Mobility).

The study is available in German and English at www.bioplastics24.com/study. Interested parties can download the table of contents of the study from the website free of charge, as well as the structure of a datasheet of a manufacturer.

Market Study “Bio-Plastics – Processing Parameters and Technical Characteristics”
Date of Publication: 9/22/2006
Publisher: bioplastics24 & Institute for Recycling (IfR), Wolfsburg
Price for Web Access: Euro 395.- (plus VAT)
Price for Print Version: Euro 445.- (plus VAT)

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53111 Bonn
Phone +49 228 4097271
Email: info@bioplastics24.com

Institute for Recycling, Wolfsburg
Andreas Marek
+49 5361 831 464

Source: Press release of bioplastics24.com Sept. 28, 2006.

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