17 Juli 2014

Composites Evolution and VELOX offer sustainable natural reinforcement solutions

Cooperation adding natural fibres based products to current product portfolio for the composites market

VELOX, distributor of composites materials in Europe has the pleasure to announce their new partnership with Composites Evolution, the British supplier of natural fibres. Leader in the marketing and supply of raw material specialities for the plastics, composites, rubber, paints and coatings industries, VELOX will supply this new product range in France, UK and Italy starting July 2014.

This partnership allows Composites Evolution to make the most of VELOX comprehensive sales network, introducing the natural reinforcements in the European composites industry.

VELOX represents the Biotex product range from Composites Evolution. Biotex products are a range of high-performance natural reinforcement yarns, fabrics (woven and non-crimp) and preconsolidated sheets suitable for fibre-reinforced plastic composite applications.

“We look forward to cooperating with Composites Evolution and are excited to add their natural fibres based products to our product portfolio for the Composites market. It is a complementary fit to our current product range, as we can offer sustainable natural solutions to our customers”, says Serge Gradys, Business Manager Composites at VELOX.

Composites Evolution produces the Biotex range which can be used in various applications such as automotive, construction, marine, sports and consumer goods.

“As part of our on-going global distribution strategy, VELOX were the clear choice to help seize the opportunity and expand our market for our Biotex range of natural fibres in the French, Italian and UK territories. Their team will mean that our new clients will get first class support when developing composite solutions with our bio-derived products. We are very much looking forward to developing the relationship with the VELOX team as part of our increasing global sales network.” says Gordon Bishop, Managing Director of Composites Evolution Limited.


About Composites Evolution

Composites Evolution is a supplier of innovative, sustainable materials to the composites industry, including Biotex high-performance natural composites. Their product lines include fibres, resins and intermediates based on natural, bio-derived, recycled and recyclable feedstocks, which enable customers to meet cost, weight and environmental targets.

Serge Gradys
Business Manager Composites
Tel: +33 (0)1 800 588 54
Fax: +33(0)1 800 588 60
Email: gradys@velox.com



VELOX GmbH is a European leader in the marketing and distribution of raw material specialities for the plastics, composites, rubber, paints, inks and coatings industries.

Founded in 1993 by Bernard Goursaud and N. Max Schlenzig, VELOX is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. The company is present in 18 countries throughout Europe and Turkey and employs over 200 experienced staff designated to comprehensive customer support.

Source: VELOX, press release, 2014-07-15.


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