9 September 2004

Colorado: Blue Sun Biodiesel and Alta Fuels announce First Biodiesel Terminal in the U.S. During Colorado Springs Retail Grand Opening Event

New Terminal Will Provide Colorado and New Mexico Customers Improved Costs and Availability of Cleaner Burning Renewable Fuel

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., Sept. 8 /PRNewswire/ – On Thursday, September 9, Blue Sun Biodiesel and Alta Fuels announce the country’s first high-volume commercial biodiesel terminal, to be opened and operational this fall. Located in Alamosa, the state-of-the-art sequential blending facility will provide easy access to Blue Sun B20 for fuel distributors and their consumers throughout Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico. In addition, Blue Sun B20 will be easily loaded onto rail cars and economically transported throughout the Western U.S.

Blue Sun President and CEO Jeff Probst said, “This infrastructure development is essential to achieving our near-term objectives. We want to provide high quality and cost competitive fuel to our customers and consumers across the region that would otherwise be excluded or required to pay higher costs due to their geographic location.” According to Dan Mortensen, President of Alta Fuels, “The growing market for Blue Sun B20 will have a positive effect on our regional and local economy, our health, and the environment. It will also reduce our dependence on foreign oil.” The opening of this biodiesel terminal in Southern Colorado is the result of Blue Sun and Alta Fuel’s commitment to expanding the availability of Blue Sun B20 through the implementation of a more convenient and efficient distribution system for the region.

Colorado Representative and Speaker of House Lola Spradley will join Alta Fuels and Blue Sun Biodiesel during the grand opening of the first retail station in Colorado Springs located at Acorn Petroleum, 529 Sahwatch St. (719-634-8874). City Manager Lorne Kramer will speak about the commitment that the city of Colorado Springs has made to improve the region’s air quality by simply fueling the city’s fleets with a domestically produced, cleaner burning diesel fuel.

Blue Sun B20 is high-quality renewable fuel produced from virgin vegetable oil biodiesel, proprietary fuel additives and high-quality diesel fuel in a 20/80 biodiesel to diesel ratio. The blend offers advantages over petroleum diesel by increasing cetane, horsepower, and fuel mileage, while significantly reducing emissions of particulates, greenhouse gases, carcinogens, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons.

Blue Sun B20 also has superior lubricating properties, reduces engine wear and maintenance costs, and can be used in existing diesel engines without modification. Blue Sun B20 has received excellent testimonial reviews from use in a variety of engines, climates and applications across Colorado and most recently in Northern New Mexico.

Colorado consumes about 500 million gallons of diesel fuel per year for highway use, and in the U.S., diesel fuel represents about 20% of total petroleum oil consumption. Probst estimates the regional B20 biodiesel market will grow to 150 million gallons of B20 annually by 2015.

The new terminal in Alamosa is part of a growing regional trend, which has seen increased public and private sector use and the opening of new retail outlets in several major cities during the past year, including Colorado Springs, Aspen, Crested Butte, Commerce City, Denver, Ft. Collins, Ft. Morgan, Sterling, Pueblo, Durango, Santa Fe and Boulder.

About Blue Sun Biodiesel

Blue Sun Biodiesel is an agriculture energy company in Colorado, founded in 2001 to develop the market for America’s clean renewable fuel. The company is engaged in all phases of biodiesel production, from agricultural research and development, to fuel processing, distribution, and value-added customer service. A recent recipient of a DOE Small Business Innovation and Research grant and USDA Value-Added Producer Grants, Blue Sun has planted more than 5,000 acres of innovative oilseed crops in Colorado and Nebraska and formed farmer-investor cooperatives to insure ample supplies. For more information, please visit www.gobluesun.com.

Jeff Probst
Phone: 970-221-0500
E-Mail: jeff@goBlueSun.com

Source: Yahoo!Finance Sept. 08, 2004.

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