14 Juli 2013

Clean tasting, long lasting beverages with DSM natural preservation solutions

DSM launches natural antifungal for use in beverages

Global life sciences company, DSM, announces the launch of its latest natural preservation solution for beverages, Delvo®Cid+, at the Institute of Food Technologist Annual Meeting & Food Expo 2013. The natural antifungal helps to keep drinks fresh for longer with a clean taste as well as being very cost-efficient to use.

Applying the unique benefits of natamycin, the natural antifungal, to beverages, DSM is offering its latest preservation solution Delvo®Cid+ to beverage manufacturers. Delvo®Cid+ effectively eliminates the risk of yeast and mold growth in beverage processing. Proving to be between 100 to 500 times more effective than traditional solutions, it significantly extends shelf life. Some customers have seen the shelf life of their drinks increase from six to eight months, sometimes even up to 12 months. The exact shelf life extension opportunities depend on among others, the type of drink and mold as well as the pH value of the beverage.

These improved shelf life possibilities can be achieved with smaller dosages than traditional preservation methods, delivering excellent value for money. Delvo®Cid+ has been submitted for approval by regulatory authorities in Mexico for beverage applications and is expected to achieve governmental approval in other regions.

Thanks to its neutral taste and odor, Delvo®Cid+ helps beverage producers deliver clean taste profiles without aftertaste as well as adding a natural preservative to their label. Dosages remain within the acceptable daily intake (ADI) levels, enhancing appeal to increasingly health-conscious consumers.

Delvo®Cid+ is easy to use and is available in liquid form that ensures quick solubility with very low sedimentation rates – no need for constant stirring. Visitors to DSM – booth 2439 at IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo 2013 – are invited to taste beverages produced with and without Delvo®Cid+ throughout the show.

Gabriela Basurto, Area Manager Preservation Latam America comments: “The beverage industry has been seeking an alternative preservation solution for years, and DSM is delighted to bring this latest natural innovation to the market. Working together with DSM, beverage manufacturers can develop clean tasting, long-lasting drinks with a natural label – and all without changing their production processes.” With 50 years’ experience in food protection, and supported by one of the widest global distribution networks, DSM Food Specialties is committed to enabling customers to do more with less – reducing costs, improving production processes and helping food and beverage producers around the world deliver differentiated products with added value to consumers.

Source: DSM, press release, 2013-07-14.


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