7 April 2011

China Green Material Technologies, Inc. doubling capacity

New facility for processing starch-based plastics coming online

China Green Material Technologies, Inc. (CAGM), a Chinese leader in developing and manufacturing starch-based biodegradable containers, tableware and packaging materials, today announced that it recently began production at its new facility located in the Harbin Economic and Technological Development Zone of Heilongjiang Province.

The new facility will enable the Company to:

  • Increase its capacity of finished products, ultimately by more than 100%, from the current 9,000 tons per year to 20,000 tons per year
  • Manufacture products in a wider variety of sizes
  • Further automate its production processes and systems, with a resulting savings in per-unit labor costs
  • Reduce the amount of waste from the manufacturing process through an increase in the percentage of finished products that are “qualified products”

In the new facility, the Company will begin using a double layer sheet co-extrusion machine, which the Company recently developed in house, to manufacture bi-color products to increase the diversity of its finished products. Mr. Su Zhonghao, Chief Executive Officer of China Green Material Technologies, stated, “With the new facility coming online, the quality of our products will be greatly improved and will meet the requirements of potential customers outside China. It will add to the overall competitiveness and brand recognition of the Company in the international market. As a result, we will attempt to address more opportunities worldwide and seek additional export sales accordingly.”

About China Green Material Technologies, Inc.
China Green Material Technologies, Inc. (CAGM.pk) is a China-based manufacturer of starch-based biodegradable containers, tableware and packaging products. Headquartered in the city of Harbin of China, the Company currently has 153 employees. The Company has developed proprietary biodegradable food packaging materials technologies.

Source: prnewswire.com, 2011-04-07.


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