28 September 2011

CEN creates new Technical Committee for Bio-based products

Two Mandates received for development of standards covering aspects as terminology, content, life-cycle analysis, sustainability and certification

On the 6th and 7th of October, the first meeting of the new CEN Technical Committee on bio-based products will take place in Brussels.

The CEN Technical Board approved in May 2011 the creation of a new CEN Technical Committee, CEN/TC 411 “Bio-based products”. The new Technical Committee has been created following the acceptance by CEN of two European Commission mandates.

Within the framework of Mandate M/430, CEN/TC 19 “Gaseous and liquid fuels, lubricants and related products of petroleum, synthetic and biological origin” and CEN/TC 249 “Plastics” are developing standards on bio-lubricants and bio-polymers. In March 2011, CEN received two new standardization mandates on bio-based products from the European Commission.

Mandate M/492 asks for the development of a standard with several parts covering horizontal aspects of bio-based products such as terminology, sampling, bio-based content, application of life-cycle analysis, sustainability of biomass used and certification of bio-based products. Mandate M/491 asks for the development of a European Standard for bio-surfactants and another one for bio-solvents covering issues such as product functionality and performance, impact on greenhouse gas emissions and bio-based content.

The CEN Technical Board decided to allocate the responsiblity for developing the European Standard on bio-surfactants to CEN/TC 276 “Surface active agents”. The new CEN/TC 411″Bio-based products” will carry out the work requested by Mandate M/492 and the work on bio-solvents requested by Mandate M/491.

If you are interested in getting involved in the work of CEN/TC 411 and to participate in its first meeting please contact your National Standardization body. European and International associations also have the possibility to ask for a liaison status and if accepted to participate as observers in the Technical Committee.

Mrs Maitane Olabarria Uzquiano, Programme Manager
CEN-CENELEC Management Centre
E-Mail: molabarria@cencenelec.eu

Source: European Committee for Standardization, press release, 2011-09-28.


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