1 August 2005

Cargill Named Exclusive Licensee for Indiana Soybean Board’s Candle Patent Technology

Under terms of an agreement recently reached between Cargill and the Indiana Soybean Board (ISB), Cargill will receive exclusive rights to market and distribute candle patent technology owned by ISB. Cargill will help the ISB find markets for the technology through its NatureWax® business, a line of premium, vegetable-based waxes made from soybeans.

The technology was developed through research at Purdue University that was initially sponsored by Candle Corporation of America, a division of Blyth, Inc. and the ISB. Officials from both organizations cite the benefits that vegetable-based waxes hold — including functionality, performance and environmental considerations — in offering an alternative to petroleum-based, paraffin waxes.

“We are very pleased to partner with Indiana soybean producers through this agreement,” said Del Craig, western regional manager for Cargill’s Dressings, Sauces & Oils business and product manager for the NatureWax brand. “Soybean-based candle wax technology has tremendous appeal for manufacturers, given its enhanced fragrance-holding ability, improved pouring characteristics and easy adaptability for use with existing candle manufacturers’ equipment. Moreover, the cleaner burn and fact that soybean-based waxes come from a renewable resource provide compelling reasons for the increased consumer demand we’re seeing for these products.”

“This agreement enhances our ability to identify and develop yet another new market for U.S. farmers’ soybean crop,” said Jim Schriver, president of the Indiana Soybean Board. “We look forward to collaborating with Cargill, given its technical expertise and wide distribution capabilities, in helping promote this technology and building the demand for innovative, soybean product applications.”

David Feider, Cargill, (952) 742-6910

Michael Bryja, Indiana Soybean Board, (317) 347-3620,
E-Mail: embryja@indianasoybean.com

Source: Cargill-pressrelease July 20, 2005.

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