7 Oktober 2004

Canada: Renewable Energy Solutions from Biomass

Fast pyrolysis process to power 2,500 homes will be realized

The world’s first BioOil co-generation facility is being built by Vancouver based DynaMotive Energy Systems. The facility, located at Erie Flooring and Wood Products in West Lorne, Ontario, is a 2.5 megawatt plant combining DynaMotive’s patented fast pyrolysis technology with Magellan Aerospace Orenda Division’s OGT 2500 gas turbine. Erie Flooring will provide wood residue from its operations and utilize electricity produced from the turbine to power its mills and steam to heat its lumber kilns, with the balance of the electricity exported to the Ontario power grid. In addition to providing the energy needs of the sawmill, enough green electricity to power 2,500 homes will be realized.

This fast pyrolysis process, the rapid heating of biomass (including wood and agricultural residue), takes less than two seconds to produce BioOil, char, and non-condensable gases. There is zero waste as the BioOil and char have commercial application and value, and the non-condensable gases are recycled to produce approximately 75% of the energy required for the pyrolysis process. The process converts roughly 70% of the biomass to BioOil and 20% to char, depending on the type of feedstock.

BioOil is a clean fuel because it is greenhouse gas neutral, does not produce sulfur dioxide (Sox) emissions during combustion and produces approximately one-half the nitrogen oxide NOx emissions of diesel fuel. In addition, because BioOil is a liquid fuel, it can be used, stored and transported like petroleum fuel products.

The completion and commissioning of the plant at Erie Flooring and Wood Products is the coming-of-age project for DynaMotive’s technology and its establishment as the leader in the pyrolysis energy market.

Source: www.firstperspective.ca Oct. 01, 2004.

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