15 März 2016

Buy the most comprehensive trend report on bio-based polymers – and if you are not satisfied, give it back

nova-Institute is convinced of the quality of their 500 pages report and sees no risk in this extraordinary offer

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Michael Carus, Managing Director of the German nova-Institute, has had the experience that the market is full of low quality and high priced market reports, especially in the field of bio-based chemicals and polymers. “Of course, customers get disappointed and are not interested in another market report, which they are sure will yet again not meet their expectations,” he states. How to make the difference? The experts from nova-Institute think there is only one way:
Convinced to have compiled the best market and trend report on bio-based polymers (and also their precursors) there is today, nova-Institute now offers to buy the full report “Bio-based Building Blocks and Polymers in the World – Capacities, Production and Applications: Status Quo and Trends Towards 2020” for 3,000 € – and if the report does not meet the customers’ quality expectations, they simply have to explain what they are missing and get their money back (minus 10% to cover administrative expenses).

Managing Director Michael Carus sees no risk in this offer: “Confidence in the quality of market studies in general is low. We show what we have to offer and are confident that the vast majority of customers will be satisfied. In recent years, we have built a worldwide network of biopolymer experts that often has direct contact with the CEOs of producing and processing companies. In our database, we follow the activities of more than 110 bio-based polymer producers world wide. We have the latest data and the latest trends. And now, customers have no risk to have a look at the full 500 pages report”. The positive attitude is reinforced by a lot of positive customer feedback. François de Bie, Global Marketing Director Bio-plastics at Corbion Purac B.V. (NL), for instance called nova’s study an “excellent piece of work“.

1510WorldwideProductionCapacitiesBiobasedPolymersThe worldwide production capacity for bio-based polymers will triple from 5.7 million tonnes in 2014 to nearly 17 million tonnes in 2020. The data show a 10% growth rate from 2012 to 2013 and even 11% from 2013 to 2014. However, growth rate was expected to decrease in 2015 and onwards as a consequence of the low oil price.

The new third edition of this market study includes consistent data from the year 2012 to the latest data of 2014, which are the basis for data published by European Bioplastics, the association representing the interests of Europe’s bioplastics industry. Bio-based drop-in PET and the new polymer PHA show the fastest rates of market growth. Europe loses considerable shares in total production to Asia. The bio-based polymer turnover was about €11 billion worldwide in 2014 compared to €10 billion in 2013.

For more details visit: www.bio-based.eu/market_study/order


Dr Asta Partanen

Press release as PDF file: 16-03-15 PR market study with money back guarantee nova

Source: nova-Institut GmbH, press release, 2016-03-15.

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