31 Oktober 2011

Breathable and biodegradable film has packaging potential, says study

Total time of biodegradation was five weeks with no significand residue

A sythetic, biopolymer-based biodegradable and breathable food packaging film has the potential to solve waste packaging problems, according to new Czech research.

The study, “Biodegradable Hydrogel Film for Food Packaging“, investigated the development a breathable hydrogel film for food application using synthetic polvinyloyrrolidone (PVP) and biopolymers carboxymetyl cellulose (CMC) to a PVP-CMC hydrogel film.

… Full text: www.foodproductiondaily.com/Packaging/Breathable-and-biodegradable-film-has-packaging-potential-study

Keywords: PVP-CMC, oxygen barrier, biodegradable, food packaging

Source: foodproductiondaily, 2011-10-31.


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