8 März 2006

Brazil’s President to Seek Agreement to Promote Biofuels in Europe

Brazil’s President Luiz In·cio Lula da Silva and Britain’s Prime Minister Tony Blair are expected to sign an agreement to promote the use of biofuels in Europe, Lula announced during his weekly radio program.

Lula, as the Brazilian president is known, is visiting Britain this week (March 6-10) and will seek support from Blair for a program to implement 5.75% mixture of ethanol to gasoline and diesel by 2010, local daily Valor EconÙmico reported.

Brazil argues this will help Europe reduce pollutant emissions and meet its Kyoto Protocol targets.

Lula will also discuss with Blair a proposal to give incentives to biofuel production in Africa, the newspaper reported.

Lula wants to increase exports of ethanol and is ready to supply technology to Europe for the use of ethanol in vehicles, the newspaper reported.

Currently Brazil’s gasoline includes a 20% mixture of ethanol and some 16% of Brazil vehicle fleet of 23 million runs on ethanol fuel alone. The government is also starting a program to introduce a 5% biofuel mixture from other sources into diesel.

Source: soyatech.com March 07, 2006.

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