3 August 2011

Brazil Sets New Record in the Adoption of Transgenic Crops

Hectares planted with high-tech materials, transgenic hybrids account for more than 70% of the area planted

A study by Celeres indicates that 82.7% of the area for soybeans, 64.9% of the area for corn and 39.7% of the area for cotton will be using GM seeds; the central-western region is now leading in the size of the area planted with GM soybeans.

The area in Brazil planted with transgenic seeds is now growing at a faster pace than the growth of the entire planted area for crops of soybeans, corn and cotton – the three crops with genetically modified varieties that have been approved, as indicated by the first review of the adoption of biotechnology in the 2011-2012 harvest, conducted by the consulting firm Celeres.

… Full text: cornandsoybeandigest.com/seed/brazil-sets-new-record-adoption-transgenic-crops

Keywords: biotechnology, soybean planting, seed traits, seed treatments, cultivation, hybrids

Source: Corn&Soybean Digest, 2011-08-03.

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