2 August 2012

Biotech’s Drought-Tolerant Corn Stands Tall

Pioneer and Monsanto products to feed US-market for genetically modified hybrid-corn

As drought conditions worsen across the midwest, drought-tolerant corn products are being put to the test. Because of that new technology, it isn’t causing all farmers to lose hope in the face of this summer’s drought.

drought-corn-.jpgFor the past several years, seed companies have been developing corn that can survive the dry weather. Now some of those crops are actually in the ground and farmers are waiting to see just how well they grow.

… Full Text: www.biotech-now.org/food-and-agriculture/2012/08/biotechs-drought-tolerant-corn-stands-tall

Tags: Hi-Breds, AQUAmax, water, genetics, soil moisture, drought-tolerant corn, drought stress

Source: Biotech-now, 2012-08-02.


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