23 April 2012

Biotechnology and Sustainability

The future of our planet requires that we improve the environmental, economic and social impact of our global farming systems

Last week, a post ran on BIOtechNOW celebrating Earth day and discussing biotechnology’s contributions to sustainability. It turns out; we’re not the only ones talking about it.

In a Council on Foreign Relations blog, Calestous Juma, professor of the practice of international development at Harvard, writes that biotech crops are a necessary agricultural solution to help address the challenges of climate change and population growth. In regards to biotech crops he says, “It doesn’t make sense to reduce the size of the toolbox when the challenges are expanding.” In an earlier post, Juma gets specific showcasing stats on agricultural biotech’s impact on the environment:

… Full Text: http://www.biotech-now.org/food-and-agriculture/2012/04/biotechnology-and-sustainability

Tags: agriculture, biotech crops, earth day, farming

Source: BIOtechNOW, 2012-04-23.


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