24 Oktober 2013

BIOTEC will introduce at K 2013 its new BIOPLAST 500 resin for film applications

51% biobased carbon according to ASTM D6866 Certified OK compost HOME

BIOTEC will present a real breakthrough in biodegradable bioplastic resins fit for film applications during the K 2013.

With a biobased carbon share of more than 50% and intended suitable for film applications, the new BIOPLAST 500 is a real forerunner on the bioplastics market. Biodegradable bags are ready to meet the challenges of European waste disposal regulations that now require more than 40% biobased contents.

The “OK compost HOME” certification also allows bags made of BIOPLAST to comply with waste disposal policies that strongly put the stress on home composting.

Enhanced technical properties
“The challenges to tackle were significant. Process ability and mechanical properties were key factors. And we are extremely proud to announce that BIOPLAST 500 can be extruded down to 18 microns films” says Harald Schmidt CEO of BIOTEC.

“Our research team has been working for 3 years in order to deliver such performances, BIOPLAST 500 shows BIOTEC’s ability to develop innovative products that can meet market and regulation needs” says Peter Brunk Managing Director of BIOTEC.

Technical data
BIOPLAST 500 is designed for blown film extrusion for the following applications:

• short life packaging

• multi-use bags (e.g. carrier bags, loop-handle bags),

• single-use bags ( biowaste bags, bin liners, etc.)

• agricultural film.

Films made of BIOPLAST 500

• consist mainly of renewable raw materials

• are home compostable (“OK compost Home” certificate awarded by Vinçotte)

• are biodegradable according to EN 13432

• are recyclable

• are printable by flexographic and offset printing without pretreatment

• have a soft touch

• can be coloured with masterbatches

• are sealable (hot, RF, ultra sonic)

About BIOTEC GmbH & Co. KG
BIOTEC is a leading European company in the development and production of bioplastics.

Based in Germany, BIOTEC develops and produces plasticizer-free sustainable bioplastics made from plant-based renewable resources.

BIOTEC produces and sells a new generation of customized thermoplastic materials with various functional properties under the brand name BIOPLAST. All products made of BIOPLAST grades are 100% biodegradable.
BIOPLAST resins have a wide range of applications, with proven and wide use for film applications (refuse bags and shopper bags) and rigid applications (injection moulding and thermoforming).

Werner-Heisenberg-Straße 32
D-46446 Emmerich am Rhein
Peter Brunk
Tel.: +49 (0)2822 92510
Fax: +49 2822 51840
E-Mail: peter.brunk@biotec.de



Source: BIOTEC, press release, 2013-10-15.


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